About Me

I am Thor Gunnar Mýrdal, a composer, soundesigner, singer and voice actor from Hamburg/Germany.
I don´t write music, I write emotional journeys throu the whole palette of sonic colours.

My passion in music started when I was ten, I played in many rock and metalbands since then and still am active as a live and studio musician.
I sing a wide palette of various vocals. Classical, clean, growling and shouting are my basic tools within my work and mastered to a high level of perfection.
Besides playing many hundred shows throu all the time and I took several years opera singing lessons with Renate Pribert-Zimny.

My passion in composing started when I was twelve years old, in these days the weapons of my choice were pencil and paper, they evolved into Cubase and a wide palette of audio equipment and tools.
I wrote the first musical pieces for my bands, but soon that was not enought and I looked into calssical music and orchestral sounds.
With the experience of studing orchestra arrangements, classical instruments, choir arrangements, ethnic instruments and filmmusic scores I went further on to synthesizers, beats and electronic music.
And on my journey throu the sonic worlds I dived into jazz and blues.

While I was visiting all this beautiful melodies, atmospheres and driving rhythms I gained highly competitive skills in recording, editing, mixing and mastering my music with the help of great composers, audio engineers and musicians.

And during all of that I believe in principles. I belive in loyalty, I belive in kindness, I belive in honesty, I belive in value of lifetime and I have one goal, to inspire others with my doing to become greater than they are!

Thank you for spending your lifetime to get a glimpse of who I am!


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